If you are facing complex legal charges, then having a competent litigation lawyer by your side is crucial for the success of your case. A litigation lawyer can make or break your case, so you must find the right person to guide and walk you through the entire litigation and dispute resolution process.

Are you confused about what qualities you should look for in a litigation lawyer? Stop worrying; we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will discuss the top qualities of a litigation lawyer.

Top Traits of a Litigation Lawyer Singapore

The most effective trial lawyers share the following traits:

1. Competency

Competency is the foundation of a good litigation lawyer. A litigation lawyer should deeply understand the legal system and court rules. They should be capable enough to research, interpret, and apply the law to the facts of the case.

A litigation lawyer should have expertise in a particular practise area. Having specialised knowledge in a specific field enables them to provide tailored legal advice and effective representation of their clients’ cases in court.

2. Credibility

Credibility is also a critical characteristic of a litigation lawyer. A credible lawyer is honest, has good legal standing, and has a history of achieving positive outcomes in their cases.

Efficient litigation lawyers believe in having transparent communication with their clients while keeping their promises. They are respectful towards the court, opposing counsel, and all other parties involved in the case.

3. Communication skills

Strong oral and written communication skills are extremely important for a litigation lawyer. Lawyers should be able to explain the legal technicalities to their clients effectively. They should have the ability to present convincing arguments in court and negotiate favourable settlements on behalf of their clients.

A litigation lawyer should build a strong relationship with their clients through their communication skills and must ensure that their clients understand the status of their case throughout.

4. Civility

Civility is an essential attribute in the art of persuasion. The lawyer must know how to behave professionally and respect everyone associated with the case. A good lawyer should be courteous and polite in all interactions and avoid any kind of bullying or harassing behaviour. If a lawyer uses strategies such as anger or intimidation, it can distract attention from the critical fact and potentially harm the client’s case in the event of a settlement.

Successful litigators They understand the power of civility, so they focus on building a good reputation and positive working relationships in the legal community.

5. Confidence

Confidence is a very important trait for a litigation lawyer. Confidence allows a litigation lawyer to present their arguments persuasively in court. A confident lawyer does not feel reluctant to take a risk or challenge the opposition. They remain calm and composed even in high-pressure situations.

Moreover, this trait helps them build trust with clients. When a lawyer is confident, they reassure clients to bring about the best possible outcomes.

Remember that being overconfident can lead to a lack of preparation or even failure.

6. Work Ethic And Dedication

A good litigation lawyer in Singapore has a strong work ethic and is dedicated. These traits directly reflect the lawyer’s commitment to their work.

A lawyer with a strong work ethic will be reliable and adequately prepare for hearings, depositions, and trials. They will devote their time and efforts to researching and analysing the case to develop our service strategy. Moreover, they make sure to listen to the client’s concerns and provide them with the necessary guidance throughout the litigation process.

7. Analytical And Strategic Thinking

A litigation lawyer must have strong analytical skills to evaluate legal issues accurately. They should have the ability to assess risks and develop effective legal strategies to tackle them.

A good litigation lawyer always keeps their client’s demands at the forefront and devises creative strategies that best serve their client’s interests.

8. Curiosity

The best lawyers are always curious about the facts and details of a case. If they are curious, they will investigate every aspect of the case to fully understand it. A curious lawyer will always come up with creative solutions to legal problems to ensure a positive outcome of the case. Moreover, they will work continuously to update their knowledge and skills.


Finding a good litigation and dispute resolution lawyer is important as it impacts the outcome of a legal case. A good lawyer provides valuable representation, guidance, and support throughout the process. They ensure to protect your rights and achieve favourable outcomes.

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