Going through a divorce is a significant and often stressful experience, and meeting with a lawyer to discuss personal matters can be daunting. However, this meeting is crucial as it determines how you can proceed with the divorce and resolve important issues. Therefore, it is essential to plan effectively to make the most of this meeting.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your initial meeting with a lawyer for divorce in Singapore.

Preparing Important Documents

Your divorce lawyer may have given you a checklist of required documents to bring to the initial consultation. However, if your lawyer has not provided you with such a list, it is crucial to ensure that you have the necessary documents ready for the first meeting with your lawyer. Here are some essential documents that you should prepare for the initial consultation:

  • Provide a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Provide a copy of any pre-nuptial agreement you may have.
  • Bring copies of any other agreement related to child custody or distribution of assets between you and your spouse, if applicable.
  • Have your children’s birth certificates ready if you have any.
  • Bring copies of identification documents for both you and your spouse.
  • Prepare copies of financial records for both you and your spouse.

You may also bring any other documents that you find related to your case.

Reasonings for Pursuing a Divorce

During your first meeting with a divorce lawyer, you will be asked about the reasons for pursuing a divorce. It is important to have a strong rationale for your decision and provide supporting evidence, such as photographs or testimony from witnesses, to strengthen your case. In this context, it is crucial to understand the significance of providing supporting evidence for divorce proceedings.

Setting Expectations

Following the discussion about the reasons for pursuing a divorce, the next topic you are likely to discuss with your lawyer is your desired outcome from the divorce proceedings. While your attorney may suggest counselling and explore the possibility of reconciliation, it is crucial to communicate your expectations with your lawyer.

If reconciliation is not possible, your attorney will advise you on the possible outcomes of the divorce and what you can expect afterwards.

Discussing Child Custody

When meeting with your divorce lawyer, it’s crucial to address the issue of child custody if you have children. If you had a prenuptial agreement related to child custody, it’s essential to bring it with you. However, if there is no such agreement, you must be ready to discuss it with your lawyer. Here are a few aspects to consider discussing with your lawyer when it comes to child custody:

  • Discuss who will have custody of the children.
  • Address who will bear the expenses related to the children.
  • Consider whether the other parent should be allowed to meet the children.
  • Determine the frequency and conditions of visitation if approved.

Providing Financial Details

When meeting with your divorce lawyer, it’s essential to provide complete details about your financial assets. This includes collecting all necessary documents such as bank statements, credit card statements, property documents, mortgages, income tax returns, and any other tangible or intangible assets. Remember to include joint assets that you and your spouse share. Moreover, obtaining information about your spouse’s assets can aid in achieving a fair financial settlement during the divorce proceedings.

Creating a Checklist for Your Initial Meeting

During your initial meeting with your divorce lawyer, it’s common to overlook essential details, which can be unavoidable. However, creating a checklist can help prevent this from happening. One effective strategy is to make a list of all the crucial points you wish to address with your attorney. By doing so, you’ll be able to cover all the important topics during the meeting and ensure that no significant points are omitted. Here’s why creating a checklist is crucial for your initial divorce lawyer meeting.

Honesty in Meetings

When meeting with a divorce lawyer, it’s crucial to ensure that all discussions remain confidential and aren’t used against you by anyone else. Therefore, being truthful during the meeting is important. Answering all questions honestly and without hesitation will aid your lawyer in ensuring that your divorce case works in your favour.

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