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Affordable Syariah Lawyer Singapore

Are you Looking for Syariah Law Practices in Singapore?

From family legal matters, Syariah divorce, child custody to maintenance & assets division, or any Syariah related matters ‘’Prestige Legal LLP’’ provides affordable Syariah lawyer in Singapore to protect your best interest with affordable yet practical resolutions.

In Singapore, a law practitioner must be aware of the sensitivity issues where one of the parties is a Muslim. The family practitioner should be familiar with Muslim marriage and divorce law and the differences in, have to be authority between the Syariah Court and the civil courts. In Singapore, no one understands the Syariah court procedure better than our specialized team of Syariah lawyer Singapore. These law professionals handle all the aspects of a case personally and provide the best possible solution to resolve the issues. As an expert, Syariah Law Firm ‘’Prestige Legal LLP’’ provides legal assistance in all syariah related matters for their Muslim clients:

Syariah Inheritance Law (Faraid):

According to the Muslim intestate or inheritance law, when a Muslim passes away, all his/her wealth or estate generally subjects to Faraid. In most cases, most of this estate is given to the immediate family and the spouses. This estate gets divided so that males get double the number of females as the Quran says, ‘’A brother will get twice as much as a sister’’.

If the deceased prepared a Wasiat, the Syariah Court would consider when managing the estate. The Syariah lawyers deal with all Muslim clients who want to know anything about Faraid. Our Syariah Lawyers have vast expertise with all Muslim inheritance matters, and they also provide customized, proper consultation with a trustworthy legal representation.

Laws for Hibbah and Wasiat:

Wasiat is more complicated than a will governed by civil law. For example, your wasiat cannot exceed one-third of your assets. According to Islamic preaching, Muslims are encouraged and appreciated to prepare a wasiat for those left behind after they depart. When it comes to their estates, all Muslims in Singapore are bound by Syariah rule. According to these rules, only a person can prepare a wasiat who is at least 21 years old with good mental capacity (in the eyes of the law) and has at least two witnesses that are not wasiat recipients or beneficiaries.

Here at Prestige Legal LLP, you can get an affordable Syariah lawyer, Singapore, an expert in dealing with all these complex conditions and making it easier for their client to get their rights according to their syariah.

Syariah and Muslim Divorce Matters:

Syariah court Singapore has defined the grounds for Muslim divorce according to the following conditions:

  • Cerai Talak
  • Khuluk
  • Fasakh
  • Taklik

Here, it is clear that Muslim divorce is a complicated process with so many Syariah complications, and only a knowledgeable Syariah lawyer in Singapore can deal with it professionally. Prestige Law LLC is a reputed and reliable Syariah Law Firm that removes all the confusion one may have because of the conflicting information available online. Prestige Law LLC has lawyers extremely professional who have specialized in all the dimensions of Syariah divorce and family matters such as:

  • Personal Protection Order (PPO)
  • Nafkah Mtaah
  • Enforcement Orders For Maintenance payments
  • Fresh application for maintenance for a spouse

Be confident and contact our affordable Syariah lawyer today to consult about any of the syariah family and divorce matters.

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What is Syariah Law?

As per a Syariah law firm, Syariah law is the Islamic law that is mostly covered under the Administration of Muslim Law Act.

The law mostly covers matters related to family law, including divorce and ancillary.

The Syariah law firm further says that these matters are decided per the Islamic Syariah in the court.

What are the benefits of Syariah Law?

An affordable Syariah lawyer Singapore explains that there are several benefits of Syariah law. As Muslims are the second majority in Singapore, it is important to have a law that can decide the cases on merit as per the Islamic belief system.

Islam has its distinct instructions on several legal proceedings, such as its own marriage system. Hence, to address legal matters related to a marriage that happened in the light of Islam must be decided as per the instructions of Islam, according to the affordable Syariah lawyer Singapore.

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