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Insurance Claims – Motor and Industrial Accidents

Why Us?

We are aware that clients come to us with their insurance claims to avoid being subjected to the hassle of negotiating their own claims. We also understand that clients want to continue on with their day to day events and we work towards making the entire claims process as convenient and efficient for them as possible.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer For My Personal Injury Or Property Damage Claim?

It is possible for individuals to successfully handle their own insurance claims if the case is straightforward (i.e. in an accident where it is not the individual’s fault). But insurance loss adjusters are often looking for ways to reduce their liability or the value of the claim. In more complex cases, statements and correspondences made to the opposing side must be made with care.

Getting a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf reduces the risk of that happening. Also, your lawyer will be able to advise you on the fairness of the offer and on whether you have a viable case that is worth bringing to trial. If you are unsure, Prestige Legal LLP offers a free first consultation session where you can decide if you want to be represented by us.

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