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In Singapore there are three ways of getting a divorce.

There are some requirements that must be met before the Singapore Courts will entertain your application:

(a) Either Party MUST have resided in Singapore or habitually resided in Singapore for at least 3 years before the commencement of the divorce application.

(b) Parties MUST have been married for at least 3 years.

The Court may grant an exception to these requires if you are able to show that you suffer from exceptional hardship OR there is exceptional unreasonable and cruel behavior.

Divorce Processes


Once the Parties have agreed on having a divorce they  must agree on the following:

1. Grounds of the Divorce

2. Division of the Assets

3. Issues on Custody, Care and Control of the Children

4. Maintenance for the Wife

5. Maintenance for the Children

If parties cannot agree on all these issues, then they cannot proceed to file an application for an uncontested divorce.


If parties are unable to agree on any of the 5 issues, then they may need a Judge to decide the issue for them, in such a case they will need to file a normal divorce application.


If both parties are Muslims or if the parties got married under the Muslim law then the divorce application will be dealt with by the Syariah Court of Singapore.

Pros & Cons


The Divorce documents can be prepared quickly.

The entire process will take about 4 months.

The legal costs is low.


The Divorce Application and the preparation of documents will take longer.

The entire process may take between 4 months to over two years.

The legal costs is high.


Recommended Divorce Lawyer Singapore

Common Grounds of Divorce in Singapore:

There are four main grounds of divorce (Not applicable for Muslims) in Singapore. You can rely on one of the four grounds as listed below:-

  1. Three or four years separation with consent
  2. Unreasonable behaviors
  3. Adultery
  4. Desertion

Prestige Legal LLP is the name to trust as a divorce law firm in Singapore that works with you to formulate an effective divorce strategy according to your customized requirements within your budget. Here the Best Divorce Lawyer Singapore also provides you with alternative options to resolve the dispute and save your time, fortune and peace of mind.

Here, at Prestige Legal LLP, you can utilize the services of Top Divorce Lawyer Singapore who are specialists in this area of practice.  They have the right answers to your questions in relation to divorce such as:

  • Is your idea of getting a divorce is reasonable?
  • How much maintenance are you entitled to?
  • What percentage of the matrimonial properties do you have a claim to?
  • If the parties decide to litigate the case in court, what is the Court likely to grant to each party?

The recommended divorce lawyer Singapore provides the following services:

  • He/she explains the law to you concisely and straightforwardly and provides you with a fair approximation of the possible outcome of each choice.
  • Present you with all potential situations that can happen in the family court in the event of a lawsuit.
  • Negotiate topics such as child and spousal support, as well matrimonial properties.
  • Recommend specific health care providers for high-conflict child custody cases.
  • Examine your options for protecting your savings, credit cards, mutual accounts, and joint commitments.

Having top lawyers with their expensive charges is useless for a client if he/she cannot afford their services. Prestige legal LLP is one of the most affordable law firms that provides divorce services and assures Recommended Divorce Lawyer Singapore for all their clients.

How can we help you?

At Prestige, you’ll definitely find a good divorce lawyer Singapore, but it is not everything that you would require in a situation when you are already in a particular state of mind because of your relationship.

You might also need some sane advice, someone who can understand your feelings and perspectives too before helping you get a divorce or avoid one. SG divorce lawyer manages all such things for you as well.

We don’t only believe in keeping our success rates high with a higher number of divorces or more considerable settlement amounts. For us, it is you who matters, and we believe that as the divorce solicitors in Singapore, you’ll be better off getting help from such people who value you and your relationship instead of keeping their success vital.

Depending on the help you need, we can arrange the best divorce solicitors in Singapore for you. Share your concerns, highlight your problems, and we can take it on from there. With you in the loop at every stage, we can offer you the best piece of advice that you could be looking for. Contact us for further information.

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