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Criminal Law


In Singapore the Justice system is based on two main principles, the rule of law and the protection of the public. When a person is charged with an offence, they are known as the accused as they have not been found guilty yet.

When looking for a Criminal Lawyer in Singapore you should let them know which stage of the proceedings you are at. The following are some of the stages:

  1. Are you under investigation by the Singapore Police Force?
  2. Have you been requested / required by the Singapore Police Force to attend an interview?
  3. Have you been charged by the Police with any crime?
  4. What crime have you been charged with?
  5. Have you been charged in Court yet?
  6. Do you need Bail?

It is important to let your lawyer know which stage you are at so that they can advice you accordingly.

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Criminal Law Process


Once the Police has reasonable suspicion that a person has committed a crime, they may be able to arrest you and will detain the person.

Some offences require a warrant of arrest while some do not, this is specified in the Criminal Procedure Code (Chapter 68).


When an Officer who is not in uniform is arresting you, you may demand that he/she shows you their warrant card so that you may verify their identity.

Example of a Warrant Card


You may be searched upon being arrest, however only a female officer may search a female suspect.


You may only be detained for 48 hours, however if it is established that you have committed the crime you may be detained longer. If it is not established that you have committed the crime then the police must release you.


You may be require to give the Police your statement either at the time of the arrest or while you were detained.

Typically you will be interviewed on the facts and circumstance of the incident. The Police may also bring you to the scene of the crime to recover evidence which is relevant to the case.

The Police may also require you to take a “lie detector” / Polygraph test or even require you to take part in an identification parade.


Bail is a security paid to the Singapore Court in either cash or an undertaking to ensure that the accused will return to Court.

It is possible to obtain bail for most charges and the amount of bail varies on the circumstances.

The application for bail is processed at the Bail Centre of the State Courts of Singapore.

Bail is returned once the accused is found not guilty / is convicted and sentenced.

Court Process


When charged in Court you may:

  1. Seek an Adjournment to find a lawyer or if you need more time to make a decision;
  2. Plead Guilty
  3. Claim Trial



If you plead guilty this means that you must admit to the offence you are being charged for and that you understand the nature and consequence of pleading guilty. You must know what is the minimum and maximum sentence that may be decided by the Court and you are prepared to accept it.


If you are claiming trial this means you dispute the allegation that you had committed the crime.

The Court will fix a date for your Pre Trial Conference (PTC) where you will need to inform the Court the number of witnesses you will be calling in support of your case. The Judge will also inform you of the various documents that have to be filed and the deadlines to do so.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Singapore

Are you under investigation for the criminal charges, and you aren’t sure what to do next or how to pursue your case in court? A Criminal Defense Lawyer Singapore should be the right person to approach. Good criminal lawyers can explain the entire judicial process to you to know what to expect ahead.

How can you benefit from hiring Criminal Law Firms Singapore?

Better chances of getting bails:

If you have been charged under criminal law, you’ll require to be bailed out. Getting the expertise of the Singapore Criminal Lawyer, you have a better chance of getting out of jail during your trial.

Help in Statements:

As a Criminal Defence Lawyer Singapore, your legal representative can help you with your statements. Framing your sentences can matter a lot in criminal cases, so with the expert’s help, you’ll be able to give a statement that can be beneficial for you in your case.

Clearing charges:

If you are innocent, you have all the right to prove and clear all the charges against you, but being an ordinary citizen, you can’t be an expert in the criminal law for which you need to hire the Criminal Law Firms Singapore. The expert Singapore Criminal Lawyer can plead your case and prove you innocent.

How can Prestige help you?

Obviously, your case has to be decided by the court. Still, you must have an advocate defending your side, highlighting the truth and defying anything far from it. This is where we come in. At Prestige, we have the best criminal lawyer Singapore who can help you with all sorts of criminal cases, be it drug, sexual violence or a fight.

With our professional and top criminal lawyer Singapore at your side, you can have all the information related to your case, the possible fallouts, and the real prospects of winning the case. When all this information is available in advance, you can make better decisions regarding the case you should plead and the course you should take.

With our Criminal Defense Lawyer Singapore, preparing a good defence and presenting it in front of the judges wouldn’t be your headache. Our lawyers for criminal cases take your case as their own, make a rational judgment, and then share the best piece of advice regarding your case. Still, the decision is yours; you can agree or disagree with the legal opinion from the criminal lawyer Singapore, and we’ll try our best either to convince you with our logic or to present your case as you like.

You don’t have to come to us only to hand over your entire case to us. Suppose you want a second opinion from the lawyers for criminal cases. In that case, we can help you with that, as well, in the best possible manner.

Criminal Lawyer Fees Singapore at Prestige is affordable to let you get the best advice without emptying your pocket. Isn’t that a fair deal?

Criminal Justice Lawyer

Throughout the years, we have received hundreds of client testimonials and appreciation letters. As a criminal justice lawyer, it encourages us to put our best efforts into fighting for justice for our clients who are facing criminal charges.

In Singapore’s High Court and State Courts, our team of expert serious crime lawyers have legal expertise in white-collar and serious crime cases.

Even before the case is brought to the judge, proper criminal defence activity will begin. The team will work closely with the prosecution to have the charges against you reduced, compounded or even dropped to the best of their abilities.

If the case has to go to trial, be rest assured that our team of lawyers will do their utmost best to fight to defend the rights of our clients. Even if one is forced to plead guilty under unfavourable circumstances, our criminal justice lawyers will ensure that our client will receive a fair and just sentence at a reasonable criminal lawyer cost.

Criminal Case Lawyer Fees

It takes long hours and hard work from our team of dedicated criminal justice lawyers to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. No one should be denied access to skilled lawyers because they cannot afford criminal case lawyer fees.

At Prestige, you can engage our team of expert criminal lawyers at a reasonable fee.

Please contact us to discuss and receive legal advice on your case in greater depth. Getting a competent lawyer can make all the difference.


How to find the best criminal firm in Singapore?

Several competent criminal law firms Singapore have a few things in common. You can use these things like a scale to judge how good a law firm is.

Firstly, good criminal law firms Singapore must have criminal lawyers who specialize in criminal law. Secondly, they should have a decent experience and must have an excellent track record and success rate.

How to approach criminal lawyer in Singapore?

Approaching a criminal defence lawyer Singapore is really important. Most of the criminal defence lawyers are associated with some law firm, and you should simply find a reputable law firm and ask them for their best criminal defence lawyer Singapore.

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