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Civil Litigation


In Singapore any dispute in court or before going to court over an oral or written agreement would be considered typically as a civil litigation matter. These issues can range from an employment dispute, tenancy dispute, loans between friends to a large commercial dispute between companies.

When looking for a civil litigation lawyer in Singapore you will need to share with the lawyer the following points

  1. What does the other party owe you?
  2. Why does he owe you this sum of money or service?
  3. Do you have any evidence to proof your point?

It is important to let your litigation lawyer in Singapore know which stage you are at so that they can advice you accordingly.










As the cost of civil litigation may be high, it is best to try and settle the dispute between parties through negotiations. This could involve sending the other party a Letter of Demand or even attempting to negotiate a settlement of the other party’s claim by giving the other party an Offer to Settle.


It is vital to serve on the other party a letter of demand even if you have already tried to send them reminders and other letters demanding for payment or the provision of a particular service due.

Sending a Letter of Demand will also show the Courts that you had provided the other party with sufficient information on why they had to repay you and that you had attempted to settle this matter before bringing it before the Court. This issue on “Party & Party Costs” may be in your favour if you issue a reasonable Letter of Demand.


To commence a suit, it is best to approach a lawyer who can advise you on the merits of your case. It is not advisable to file a claim against someone or a company on your own as it is a technical process and a lawyer’s input on it would assist you greatly.


Most lawsuits will take between 6 months (an expedited MC Suit where parties settle the matter between themselves) to as long as a 2-3 years.

Generally cases with higher sums of monies involved or with multiple disputed issues will take longer to resolve in Court


Mediation or Dispute Resolution are good ways of resolving a lawsuit, it allows parties to freely discuss the matter on a without prejudice basis and settle the matter at a fraction of the legal cost they would incur if the matter proceeded to trial.

When going for Mediation or Dispute Resolution it is best to focus on finding a solution to the issue and being willing to take less away from the table. While you may be taking away less you will also be able to save on legal costs, the headache of litigation and the fact that you can finally move on with your life without this issue hanging over your head.


When a Civil Matter is in Court this is the typical stage

  1. The Plaintiff will file a Writ of Summons & a Statement of Claim.
  2. The Defendant has 8 days to enter a Memorandum of Appearance, failing to do so will allow the Plaintiff to enter into Default Judgement.
  3. The Defendant has then 22 days in total to file his Defence and Counterclaim (if any)
  4. The Plaintiff will then file a Summons For Directions
  5. The Plaintiff and the Defendant will then need to file their List of Documents (List of Evidence)
  6. The Plaintiff and the Defendant will then need to file their Affidavit of Evidence in Chief (their Witness’s statements)
  7. Trial
  8. The Judge will make his decision and release his Judgement on the matter.
  9. It may be necessary to Enforce the Judgement if a party refuses to comply with the Judgement.



Settling the matter before commencing a lawsuit has many advantages:

1. You will be able to save on legal fees and costs.
2. Your matter would have been resolved and you can carry on with your life without this hanging on your mind.
3. Parties’ relationship, if any, can be salvaged at the end of a well negotiated matter.


If parties are unwilling to settle the matter of if their proposed settlement is not reasonable, then it may be best to let a Judge decide the matter.

The benefit of having a matter in Court is the pressure it has on parties, both parties will actively attempt to negotiate to settle the matter and often the matter is resolved before trial.

Litigation or Dispute Resolution

If you want to manage sticky issues relating to civil litigation or dispute resolution, you can rely on our experienced litigation lawyers to offer you with the best legal counsel at a fair price.

If you are an individual or a business being sued or if you want to look into the possibility of suing someone else, our knowledgeable staff can help you with everything you need to know pertaining to litigation and dispute resolution.

Our experts can help you settle your conflict through mediation. Mediation is a low-cost, high-efficiency method of settling conflicts that allows both parties to avoid going to court. This means the disagreement will be handled swiftly, and both parties will save money on legal fees.

If you are facing a civil lawsuit, you can count on our qualified civil lawsuits lawyers to handle your case and their wealth of legal expertise can greatly increase your chances of obtaining better outcomes. If you need assistance with any of your civil litigation issues, meet one of our civil lawyers who have an extensive knowledge in all elements of civil law in Singapore.

Civil Lawsuit Lawyers Free Consultation

A civil matter is handled by a civil litigation lawyer. Get in touch today for a civil lawyer free consultation whereby our civil litigation lawyer will work hand in hand with you to analyse your situation and provide you with professional advice. Trial lawyers are referred to for litigation and dispute resolution.

You deserve competent legal representation from our experienced team of lawyers who will ensure that you are fully compensated. Above everything else, it is important to hire a civil litigation lawyer whom you trust.

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What’s Civil Litigation?

According to a civil litigation lawyer Singapore, civil litigation is a law process of non-criminal nature. It includes two or more parties who have a dispute of civil nature that they cannot resolve.

The conflict often includes the violation of the civil rights of one party or person by the other party or person. A civil litigation lawyer Singapore represents his client in such matters to resolve the conflict and decide in favor of his client.

How do I start a Civil Claim?

According to a civil lawyer Singapore, there are two ways of starting a civil claim. The court has well-defined methods and rules, and one must prepare certain documents according to those rules.

After preparing documents with the help of a civil lawyer Singapore, the claim can be started by submitting a Writ of Summons or Originating Summons.

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