There is a widespread misconception that you only need a lawyer when you have violated the law. However, it is not true.

The reality is that many people are not aware of the scope of a lawyer and what he can do in certain cases may seem like personal emotions are utilized but it is not against the law. Moreover, the role of a lawyer on a day-to-day basis might be more significant in improving your quality of life than his role in criminal proceedings.

This blog will discuss two non-criminal types of law practices, what they are about, and how you can use them to resolve your personal issues.


The two types of law areas that we are going to discuss today are those of a family lawyer Singapore and civil litigation lawyer Singapore.

Let’s start with defining both and understanding their similarities and differences.

1. Family Lawyer Singapore:

A widespread misconception here is that a family lawyer only handles matters related to divorce. However, the actual scope of family law goes way beyond and covers all issues related to a family.

Family law does cover divorce matters, but more than that, it also covers adoption matters, domestic violence, youth court, and probate, etc.

These matters may or may not be criminally offensive, but they can still lead to disputes. With a family lawyer Singapore managing your rights, you can not only be aware of your rights, your duties, and your limitations; you can also make sure that you safeguard your rights.

2. Civil Litigation Lawyer Singapore:

A civil litigation lawyer handles matters related to civil issues. These matters may or may not include an offense but may be a violation of an entity’s rights. The entity can be a person or a group.

The scope of civil litigation covers areas like family law, environmental law, corporate law, property law, employment law, and matters related to personal injury.

In a nutshell, a civil litigation lawyer can help you safeguard your civil rights.

The Similarities and Differences:

So far, you will be able to tell the difference between a civil litigation lawyer and a family lawyer, but you might have also noticed that there is an overlapping area that leads to the confusion.

The reason for this overlap is the similarity in the nature of both law practices, i.e., both are non-criminal and work to safeguard the civil rights of the citizens. Here is the explanation:

Family law is a civil law branch. Every civil litigation lawyer does not specialize in covering all the matters that come under civil law. Instead, they specialize in one field.

For example, a family lawyer specializes in family law, and an environmental lawyer specializes in environmental law. The same goes for the rest of the areas.

Why Do You Need One?

Many people think that you only need a lawyer to fight your case in a court of law. However, it is not true.

You need a lawyer as soon as a matter escalates and gets beyond your personal control. If you find yourself in a situation where there is a conflict, and you are unable to resolve it yourself, you should consider getting a lawyer.

A lawyer can help you with things before and beyond the court.

Firstly, he can help you understand whether a matter comes under the jurisdiction of law or not. It allows you to define if you are causing an offense or if you are at the receiving end of one.

In both cases, he can enlighten you with regards to your duties and obligations and guide you towards fulfilling them while safeguarding your personal interests.

Secondly, if the matter turns into a lawsuit, the lawyer can help you build a strong case. He can hear you out before the judge does and advise you regarding the possible outcomes of the court hearing. He then can advise you regarding a solution that will be in your interest.

If the matter ends up going into court, both a family lawyer Singapore and a civil litigation lawyer Singapore can conduct investigations on your behalf to examine the case in detail while paying due attention to the law’s perspective.

He can also help you prepare the necessary paperwork to avoid any inconvenience and delays in justice.

By this stage, most of the lawsuits get decided outside the court as the lawyers from both sides investigate and prepare a case for their clients and counsel them towards a solution. At this point, your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf and make sure that you get the best out of the deal according to your situation.

If the negotiations fail and the court is the only way left, your lawyer can represent you, attend hearings on your behalf and handle all the legal proceedings related to that case.

Having a lawyer on your side makes the process much easier, more streamlined, and highly professional. It can save you a lot of time, energy, and money, as the earlier you resolve the matter, the more beneficial it will be for you.

Which One Is for You?

Because of the overlapping scope, many people might wonder if they should go to a family lawyer in Singapore or a civil litigation lawyer in Singapore. The answer to this question totally depends on your situation.

The rule of thumb is to go to a lawyer specializing in the matter at your disposal, i.e., a family lawyer for family disputes and an environmental lawyer for environmental law.

But if you only need some advice, you can also make do with a civil litigation lawyer and trust him to provide professional advice on all the matters, including those coming under family law.

However, if you want expert advice and your case is complicated, you should see a specialist.

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