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Prestige Legal LLP has a long history of providing the best service we can for our customers while acting in their best interests.  We try our best to ensure that cases are handled promptly, efficiently with a personal touch, so that your legal matters are resolved quickly and your mind to put your mind at ease.
We see ourself growing from strength to strength and we aim to increase our presence in all our practice areas within Singapore. 
Founded in 1974

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Having been around since 1974 in previous incarnations (Thomas Tham & Co in 1974 and Thomas Tham Dinagaran & Co in 2008), Prestige Legal LLP is a new name but an old hand in Singapore’s legal industry.  In 2010, we embraced along with a new name the vibrancy of a young, up-and-coming firm while retaining a veteran core with (close to 40 years of experience under our belt)/(a wealth of knowledge).  The firm has worked with big names in the banking and finance industry including United Overseas Bank Ltd, DBS Bank Ltd, OCBC Bank Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, Hong Leong Finance Ltd and many others.


We Are news worthy

Some of the cases we have handled that have been reported in the news are: the case of the woman who damaged repo man’s car and called the judge ‘cute’ (reported in Today on 21 March 2007); the one where a couple was jailed 3 weeks for abusing their maid (reported in The Straits Time on 20 September 2008); the case of the conman who was jailed for 4.5 years for three scams (reported in the Straits Times in 2012); and one involving the ex-SATS officer who was jailed for collaborating with a freelance travel agent to waive excess baggage fees for passengers.

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While many others merely talk, we excel in find solutions that are practical. We understand that our Clients need to get on with their lives and these problems hinder them.

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